Wednesday, August 12, 2009

mediocre: a brief update

Today was D-Day, as in the first day for me at the University of Tennessee. It is VERY different from the last college I went to, and it took me 35 minutes just to find a parking space. So far my classes seem fun but these will be the difficult ones: Arabic and Elements of Physics(for Architecture). The professors are really nice though, so this seems like a more positive experience than it could have been. I am soooo ready for cooler weather- the humidity was so bad that by the time I made it back to my car, I looked like death! I have to work full-time as well, so I have been coming to work very early (6:30 am) and leaving late (6pm). Oh's just another 6 years! :) But all in all, once I figure out the parking situation better, I think things will be great. I am much older than everyone on campus, apparently, so it is pretty weird to be back in school after such a long hiatus but I figure if I bust ass I will be out in no time.

I can't wait to go home, make some chai, clean up the house, and do some homework. Yes, you heard me- I can't wait to do homework. Wow. I am going through the great debate right now: to delete or not delete my Facebook/Myspace/Twitter? It is so hard. I want to keep in touch with everyone but with the advent of technology I feel further away from folks rather than closer. Out of the hundred or so people I hear from every month, only a handful contact me outside of Facebook. I want to "like" something in person rather than pressing a button, you know? The debate rages on...

Is it wrong that I am still utterly obsessed with Lookbook and Wardrobe Remix? I can't seem to kick the habit. Also, am I the only one not impressed by the new designs coming out of Urban Outfitters lately? I didn't see one thing I even remotely liked. It is just too American Apparel chic for me. I just expected so much more from that company, I guess. Maybe I am still just an anthropologie and toast fan after all.

This fall my color palette is probably going to include lots of neutral tones along with goldenrod, pea green, and cerulean blue. I am going to work all weekend on downsizing my wardrobe, which is sad but necessary.

Oh well. Back to the grindstone. Hopefully I will be able write more later! Things are insane. Speaking of insane, how crazy/wonderful are these etsy finds?:

I love the details of this heron blouse by hierapparel. Chicago represent! 80 usd.
Strange Pursuit Top by iheartfink. 65 usd.
I love these Tinkerbell Ballet Flats by spirocreations. 175 usd.

Monday, August 3, 2009

efficiency..hey na na na na na na...

This weekend was a fun one although busy, primarily encompassed by travel, dogsitting, and seeing dear friends and family. I didn't really get that much accomplished, which can have either good or bad connotations depending on what one could deem necessary in time management. My photoshoot at the mill in my hometown on Saturday was rained out so my friends and I decided to hit up some antique/thrift stores and a book store and ended up going to one of my favorite restaurants in town (Gabriel's) for greasy breadsticks and Amber Bock. I got to see my niece and after she went to bed we all sat and watched documentaries and a good night was had by all.
Sunday I got to see my parents and helped my mom pick tomatoes. We drank wine and talked and it was just a generally good day. I love seeing my parents and hate that I don't get to see them very often anymore.

Because I am a huge dork and into astrology, this weekend I started reading a book called "Cosmic Love." It is not necessarily about love but about human relationships in relation to the North and South nodes in astrology. I never really knew much about the "true node" or anything like that, but I do enjoy psychology so it is a pretty informative book. I have a Taurus north node (I guess Scorpio would be my south, even though I am a Scorpio) and the book was pretty darn close where it described my personality. I don't know if I believe in all the past life reincarnation stuff the book talks about (for example, according to the book I have no south node, which makes no sense!), but it has been helpful as far as my life path is concerned. The funniest thing I found is that as I investigated it, one of the roles I am supposed to play in my life is "the architect." How ironic is that? Although vague, the book has many helpful hints for dealing with people in general. Since I think of things astrologically (which includes my family, pets, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc..), I like to know how best to deal with them on a personal basis.

Also, an even dorkier fact about me is that I LOVE READING TEXTBOOKS. My Comp II class is about "Religion in the 21st Century" and since I received it Saturday I have been reading it almost nonstop. It is so horribly well-written. My Physics textbook scares the shit out of me already, however.


A Closer Look by ohmycavalier, $30 USD. I love this dress by callmecaptain! $77 USD.
Tree Silhouette Graphic Tee by critterjitters. $20 USD.
I want to meet a boy that will wear this teal recycadelic midwest hoodie by madamchino. $82 USD.

I love "COCO" by roselabiche. $69 USD.

ciao. xoxo