Thursday, June 16, 2011

Charlotte's Got A Lot

So we went to Charlotte last weekend for the Taste of Charlotte festival. Although the festival itself was not exactly what we imagined it to be, I really did enjoy the city. It has a very unique vibe to it and I enjoyed the architecture there. We also visited the UNCC campus and their architecture school is smaller but WAY WAY nicer facility-wise (A beautiful hall for pin-ups and they provide students with their own chairs?! blasphemers!). The city is very progressive, very green, and reminded me of a mix between Chicago, Philly, and Portland only with more new architecture and more money invested into it. They had a few vintage shops and lots of thrift stores, but it still seems like a city that is in the growing stage. I imagine that unless they create an urban growth boundary in the next few years, it will probably become like Atlanta since it is such a hub.

If I do move to Charlotte in the next few years (i.e. if I can transfer into their bArch program or mArch program) , I really think I want to own my own business and support myself that way. I have always had this silly idea of owning a clothing store that is multi-use, as in maybe crafts this time around. I used to own a cafe that was a vintage clothing/venue/record shop and I really miss that, despite the amount of work and the amount of things I failed miserably with. There's something wonderful about owning your own business. I find time and time again that I always come back to that because to be the creative director of a project is something I love very much, but often I undermine my confidence and everything I do seems to fall short of what I hope it will be. Does this happen to all entrepreneurs?

But regardless, Charlotte has given me some hope. I feel as if my ambition is coming back. I think it is a gift that I have had the ability to do so many things in my life and live so many places, and hopefully when and if I do pick up and go off somewhere else, it will be more suitable to who I am and where I need to be in my life. That may sound selfish, but I think that until I am true to myself and what I am made of, I will probably not be happy with any situation I am in that is less than ideal.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We talked about doing a video for the architecture program. It never happened, but here's the general script of it. Cheesy but true:

10 Ways to Become a Famous Architect
1. Do Everything Completely Different from Everyone Else. (a.k.a. Find new, innovative ways to do things.)

A person pours a cup of coffee normally from a French press. The “architect” turns it upside down and pours it in a ridiculously exaggerated manner.

2. When using a drafting board, make all of your lines appear hand-drawn.
The “architect” starts drafting a straight line and then makes it all bumpy looking. The next scene shows them giving a presentation and one of the professors saying, “Wow, so all these lines are handdrafted! They are so straight! Amazing!” The “architect” just smirks silently.

3. Emulate your idols.
The “architect” is running down a quiet hall with a white sheet pinned to their back yelling, “LOOK! I’m Frank Lloyd Wright!” Everyone that is working on projects briefly stares and then refers back to their work.

4. In fact, emulate all of your idols at once, to stay cutting edge.
The “architect” stands with Le Corbusier’s coke bottle glasses, FLW’s cape, and a pile of Louis Kahn-style scraps of paper.

5. Use some of the most random objects to create your models and therefore appear ahead of your time.
The “architect” presents a study model made of 2 washers, a piece of a pipe, some lint from the dryer, and a banana with squares carved in it. Everyone around them is clearly floored. Professor 1: (whispers) That is the most amazing design I think I have ever seen. Professor 2: “You’re kidding me, right?”

6. When all else fails, break the mold and stand out.
A bunch of people are standing in a room wearing all black and talking. It looks like a formal gathering after a review. The “architect” walks in with very bright attire.
A few people stare at them and move away to reveal a casket. It’s a funeral.

7. Sign all of your work incomprehensibly.
The “architect” quickly scrawls a “signature” across half of a drawing.

8. When presenting your work, make sure to use the largest words you possibly can, and go off on unrelated tangents that casually refer back to your thesis.
The “Architect” is talking and the professor interrupts and says, “Wait…wait..wait. What does a dog in a birthday hat riding in the sidecar of a motorcycle have to do with your building?”

9. Develop really weird eccentricities to convince everyone that you are a genius.
The “architect” walks by and waves to some classmates, wearing a headband made out of a gym sock.
Person 1: “Why does he have a gym sock taped to his head?”
Person 2: “Because he’s a genius. That’s why.”

10. And lastly, ake sure to name-drop as much as possible to show that you have Architecture in your blood.
At a bar, the “Architect” is overheard telling someone of the opposite sex, “You know, my grandfather’s grandfather’s father was also an architect..."

Video would have ended with the "Architect" running around in the cape yelling.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Panic/ No Heat

I am stuck at work today and it is crazy hot outside, but not as bad as it has been lately. It has been in the upper 90's for the past few weeks which is too hot for me, thanks. We have been busy bees this past week getting our garden and the house in order. Last night I had to run a baby bird to a rescue shelter because it had either fallen (or was pushed) out of the nest and needed some help. I had to do that with two baby sparrows a couple years ago. I just couldn't bear the thought of it dying! Speaking of dyeing, my hair is now red. As usual I am painfully behind on photos. so here is a recap of recent things.

I really need a haircut but I really haven't had time. I spent most of yesterday evening poring over manufacturers for wholesale habutai, batiste, and organdy. I should be drawing houses but, alas, duty calls...fawn is almost a reality. A little late but nonetheless worth it. Tomorrow is a photo shoot for the lookbook, weather permitting.

The mister brought me a tree! A norway spruce! My dream tree!

Watercolors from my my second-to-last final.

Cool botanical garden building.

Greenhouse at botanical garden.

The mister and I went to a cookout with some friends a few weeks ago.

New dress!


Scary slag at work.

We planted lots of herbs and such this season. I am now growing two types of lavender, rosemary, spicy globe basil, lemon basil, stevia, lemon balm, orange mint, spearmint, leeks, garlic, verbena, eucalyptus, a flowering maple, yarrow, mesclun salad, yellow cherry tomatoes, tomatillas, three types of watermelons, white pumpkins, and honeydew melons. Tree-wise I am growing a norway spruce, a dwarf japanese cedar, a dwarf alberta spruce, two colorado blue spruces, a leyland cypress, a yew that we bought at Middleton Place, an arizona blue cypress, a carolina hemlock, a maple, two white pines, two juniper trees, and some sweet bay magnolias. And then all the cacti that I desperately need to transplant into my sandbox tomorrow. So far everything is still alive, so that's good.

I have been fighting off some nasty stuff lately. I have been coughing for months and went to the doctor finally. He told me that my vocal chords were stripped so now I have to wait 6-8 weeks for them to heal before I can sing again. Then Brandon and I both had a stomach flu for a few days, and now poor Sarah needs to go to the vet on Tuesday because she has been having some issues. I really hope it isn't anything too serious.

Tonight I am planning on doing some laundry, picking up a few groceries, and working on my etsy. I am about to list a fabulous Suzy Perette dress from the 50's, as well as some amazing 60's-70's shifts and maxis and bathing suits. Also a giveaway will be planned on the blog next month so stay tuned! I have less than a month before school starts up again- ugh! Fortunately I am going to Charlotte soon so that will be a welcome diversion. Hope all is well. Ciao, darlings.