Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am craving Finder. If you don't know about Finder, it is a neat little magazine/booklet that WW put out (or still puts out, I think) to showcase some of the hidden gems (and usual touristy attractions) in Stumptown. Even though I know a ridiculous amount about the city, I really like getting one of those every year, simply for the eye candy. And the wonderful new printed book ink smell. Uhm...Thanks- Yes, I am a dork. Totally. You read my mind. Anyway, if I remember correctly, you can write the editor and send them $10 to get them to ship a copy to you. Around town they were free, but, if course, if you are like me and don't live there you have to make do with what yo' mama gave ya (i.e. money-handling skills and skillets).

In celebration of Finder, I have "found" a few things lately from a variety of sources.

Gunne Sax Dress with tags! :) I got this purdy little dress for TWENTY DOLLARS at Nostalgia. Big sale. Oh my is amazing. I mean, any deadstock is amazing but the details of this make me swoon!

*New* upcycled dress for the etsy store next month. I have been trying to get more stuff in the shop but I have been selling like mad lately so I haven't had time to play catch-up. Not complaining- just saying it is a surprise.

My Thom.

My Sarah.

New on my etsy this month. Don't ya just love these shoes?

New on my etsy this month. These are my favorite purses- too bad I can't fit my Macbook, schoolbooks, and wallet in it. :(

New on my etsy this month. Okay, so maybe THESE are my favorite. I have a weird obsession with wooden box purses.

New on my etsy this month. I love this frame- the photo came with it but I think it would be cool to make a mini-shrine out of it or maybe "go baroque" with a fabulous portrait of a Countessa (or a photo of yourself and a boyfriend in Roccoco finery...Hmm...)

This is such an awesome folk clock. I am tempted to keep it but it may very well be on my etsy soon.

OWL CUPS!! How cool is that?

We have been so busy lately but I am itching to get stuff listed. I am working on my portfolio this month for school and DUN-DUN-DUN...almost magazine time again. I think the busier I get, the more I am accomplishing so that is good. Hope you all are having a fantastic week, whoever and wherever you are...

P.S.: What color should I paint this awesome table? I am thinking dark brown with sienna marks (to make it look like woodgrain).

you are my voice; my microphone

Sorry for the brief delay in posting. I have been busy busy with work, etsy listings, yard sales, and making a detail model of a house to go in my portfolio. I went yesterday and bought balsa wood, pine, cardboard (for topographic purposes), an aluminum air vent (for a quonset piece), some flooring samples, and popsicle sticks to work on the model. I want to make trees, too, although I'm not sure what I will make them out of (my mom said crepe paper would be good. I thought of taking fabric and ruching it to create the scene, but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?)I am hoping to spend most of the day Sunday working on the framing and dimensions so that I can start getting things together for my portfolio. I still need to find a material to do the windows. I hate HATE hate cutting fiberglass so I am thinking transparency film or vinyl might convey the image just as well. I am going to work tonight on getting the technical drafts done.

I am pretty excited about this weekend. My parents have 5 dogs and are going out of town, so I am planning on dog-sitting this weekend and they said I could go to visit friends if I wanted while I am there. So, as far as I know, I get to see several folks that I have known for years and miss terribly and we are going to do a photo shoot at the old mill and maybe go out to dinner or something. I am craving the breadsticks at Gabriel's so maybe I will con them into going! Maybe...

I am still indecisive about my new computer. Mac or PC? Mac or PC? The age-old dilemma. It is so hard! I have been scanning the internet like crazy searching for factors that would make one a better choice than the other but it is very difficult.

I am so ready for Autumn. It has been raining the past few days so I have been drinking hot cocoa and patiently waiting for cooler weather and crisp breezes. Architecture week in Knoxville is the week of my birthday so I hope I can get free of work/school some to go to some of the lectures and presentations. I missed the AIA dinner last night (although even if I had known about it in time, it was a whopping $70 for non-members) so I hope I don't miss Architecture Week, too. I am really excited about everything in my life right now. It has been a hard month or two but it is starting to really pay off.

Speaking of Autumn, here are some things I am excited about for the cooler weather:
Like this fantastic circle wrap skirt by sohomode, $40 USD.
Or this gorgeous 1970's vintage chevron dress from elizabethwrenvintage. $44 USD.
I just adore this vintage squirrel brooch from beatricepuggles' shop. $6 USD.
I love this painting/print by hidenseek. It makes me so sad, though! She calls it "Little Lost Bear." $9 USD.

And my favorite again: Liza Rietz
No Fall wardrobe is complete without a cloche hat from her shop. And they're on sale, too! $36 USD.
Nor would Fall be complete without ruffles! Such as the ruffles on this amazing blouse! I love the designs of Portland-based LovetoLoveYou. $48 USD.
And I am so amazed by this folk motif skirt by iroshka, complete with vintage clasps! $115 USD.

This bubble beret by softspoken is wonderful and oh-so-affordable! I bought a black one just like it last year and love it. She also has an amazing flickr site! $18 USD.
I have a very weird fascination with pine trees. Pine needles, pine cones, pine bark, etc etc, so I am very close to buying these to make some earrings. They are fabulous and come from StudioSen. $4.20 USD.

And now it is raining again so I am going to get some work done and drink more cocoa. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

hang your hat

I can never decide if I want my home to be midcentury modern style, 18th century Roccoco, or ancient Byzantium/Islam. Since it is difficult to combine all three, I guess I just have to choose one. But what is the fun in that, you may ask? I'll tell you- each style has amazing stuff! Like this chair, for example:

Antique French chair from LeShab, $395 USD.
I really love the wall pattern in Marie Antoinette's bedroom. Versailles is amazing!

I went to a lecture by D. Fairchild Ruggles on Islamic gardens and landscapes last year (more notably the Alhambra and Taj Mahal were featured) and absolutely fell in love with the architecture:

But this is more like the style I have now...

Mid-century is decidedly my favorite, although that considerably has to do with the fact that so much of my life I have been around vintage 50's-60's furniture or had a decided interest in it. This lamp from funkeyfinds is fantastic.

Sometime last year I fell in love with Pierre Koenig. He was an amazing designer and his case study houses are among my favorite houses ever. Although I love eichlers and rummers, Koenig's designs will always be prominent in my mind.

Today was amazingly hectic and continues to be although writing this blog was a nice break. After a night out with an old friend (and a new one), I woke up fairly early and got to doing much-needed laundry, going through kitchenwares, and cleaning out my fridge (finally). Then I found some really neat vintage pieces while thrifting, which I will post photos of soon. Then I dropped off some letters and the post office and realized that I forgot to put a stamp on one of them- oh no! So I get to call the post office Monday morning and HOPE they haven't thrown it away or something. I didn't finish all the items on the list for today, but I did grill lamb and eat cherries. I am now working on etsy before bed. G'nite, sports fans.

out of context: coveting

I've been attempting to save money lately, so I have been perusing etsy to do my window- shopping.

Fantastic Mid-Century wall sculpture by fabulousmess, $450 USD.

And I adore "the black forest" by whiteapple, $80 USD. And I adore her and her killer style, as well! She is "adorable"!

Liza Rietz' creations are amazing. Although I love her hats the most, her clothing line has certain architectural elements that are visually stunning. Such as this half circle tunic, $281 USD.

New Haven Railroad Line Pendant by bencandance. I used to date this guy that loved railroads and was from New Haven, and the concept of railroad map impressions (featuring New Haven) on jewelry is just really nifty.

I love tinymeat not only because they are so goshdarn creative, enlist a dream team of amazing artists, and make awesome wallets (and cite their location as being "concurrently in your pants and Portland, Oregon"), but also because the descriptions of their items are wonderful. For example, this one states the following:
"....Didja know?
* If the great horned owl were to be totally stripped of its feathers, the naked bird would weigh less than its feathers
* A pair of nesting barn owls is capable of catching and eating nearly 3,000 rats a year.
*Owls are unable to move their eyes within their sockets to a great extent, which means they must turn their entire head to see in a different direction." Awesome. Their shop is currently on hiatus but you can check out tinymeat or visit their "world headquarters" in Portland if you're in NoPo.

new bird neat print by matteart. Matte Stephens has a really incredible style that is retro and modern. The colors are so wonderful. Between he, and ashley g's work, I feel as if my graphic decor for the home is complete.

I am so ready for Autumn already. I am anxiously awaiting boot spats, folk prints, velveteen, fur hats, fisherman sweaters, Russian boots and tops, and most of all- scarves! I fell in love with scarves and scarflettes last year (especially yokoo's) and am taking up my needles again soon for another round of scarf-making. I am excited about Fall etsy listings, too, because that means I am going to start running the end of summer sale soon, too, and get some things cleared out of the house finally. I have to resubmit my architecture portfolio and I have only about 3 months or so to put 12 really good pieces together, but I guess that is better than the 3 days I had last year to do so.

I only have less than a month before I start school full-time, which is no small feat with my full-time job as well and raising my lovely pets. This weekend is going to be a "house redux" so to speak and I am hoping to get a lot accomplished. My friend Claudette and I are planning on having a huge yard sale/cupcake bash next month to get rid of our once-treasured vintage items so I am going to go through everything this weekend to see what I can come up with. I know I have a lot of furniture but it is very hard to part with vintage items because I know I will probably never see them again.

I also am in the market for a new laptop, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I have to be able to run M-Audio, AutoCAD 2009, and Photoshop CS on it seamlessly and my budget is $1k. I am hoping this weekend to shop around locally because they are running pretty good sales right now, I've heard. It was either a computer or a vacation, but as much as I miss Seaside I highly doubt I can con a certain boy into going... :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

take toll, take time

I have been a busy girl these past few weeks; preparing for school, trying to get my multitudes of business ideals and projects sorted out, and still trying to maintain a social life. I am finally getting to the point that I HAVE to work on the magazine, because I promised so many people we would have a second issue and now over a year has passed. I have yet to get more printed of the first issue so I am hoping to do that soon as well, at least to make available for the people who had their work featured. I feel really bad about letting it go to the wayside for so very long but since it is non-profit I guess most folks anticipated that it might fold anyway. Regardless, this weekend I hope to start and finish several projects that have fallen through the cracks.

I am so in love with this band right now:

My style inspiration this week is a cross between these two lovely ladies:

I have been making these lately for my section at Lox Salon in downtown Knoxville. I hope to have some finished by this weekend FINALLY. I only have one item left, which is good but I have been procrastinating like crazy!:

Tonight I decided to make my first actual No-Sew dress, which consisted of taking a piece of fabric and cutting armholes in it, putting on an underslip, and securing it with various brooches. It was a lot of fun and I got some pretty awesome/nasty dirty looks from folks my age, but I plan on reinforcing the dress this weekend with facings, seams, etc. I had a blast downtown at La Costa although I feared obvious wardrobe malfunctions:

P.S.: Listen to slaraffenland's "watch out" and "socio" by generifus. Amazing. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

let the sunshine in


Welcome Home by Radical Face (thanks, Jon!)
Still Light by the Knife
Microphone by Coconut Records
All the Years by Beach House
Flood by Dark Dark Dark
Brothl Hunting by Slim Twig
Conquest by Tapes 'n' Tapes
If You Close the Door by Velvet Underground
Let's Groove (Earth, Wind, and Fire cover) by Rio en Medio
Show Me the Way by Slaraffenland
Under the Knife by Minus Story
Iron Man by the Cardigans
Traffic by Chad Vangaalen
No Cars Go by Arcade Fire
Broken Arm by the Weird Weeds
For Halloween by No Kids
Apistat Commander (Xiu Xiu cover) by Sunset Rubdown
Orchids by Califone
Body by Mother Mother
Danza Del Fuego by the Portland Cello Project
Wilderness by Shapes & Sizes
Guilty Cocker Spaniels by Modest Mouse
Desparecere by Deerhoof