Wednesday, January 19, 2011

to be myself completely

I haven't updated much, sorry to say.
Architecture school is back in full swing.
Homework every night, work/classes all day, and my internet is being buggy at home.
Plus a lot of deliberation on the job-work-money front. This is a year of big changes, I do believe.
Not to mention that someone has been taking up most of my attentions, in a good way. I feel really good right now. Not trying to be overzealous...but the world is much more colorful these days. All is right with the world and right in my little world-- the way it should be. I keep asking myself if this is all really happening..and yes, it is. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

here's to you, bachelor life

So, I think it is quite possible that I was a bachelor in a prior life. Why do I believe this?

1. I really like having space on my side of the bed. Or all the bed to myself (and the kiddos of course.) I love cuddling up before bedtime, but I usually don't sleep that way for long before I shove the other person to the other side of the bed. Do you remember that episode of Friends (christ...a "Friends" reference. what is happening to me?) where they did the "hug-and-roll" so they could have space in the bed? Yeah-- it's pretty much like that.
2. I love cooking strange concoctions that no one else would like eating because every person I've dated has hated the key ingredients I cook with: onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and garlic. Blasphemy!!
3. Although I am surprisingly a neat freak, I like that I could potentially let the dishes or laundry slide for a couple days without anyone griping at me.
4. I get to keep my own hours and see friends (of both sexes) without getting guilt-tripped or accused of dastardly deeds.
5. It is a well-proven fact that after the initial honeymoon is over, boys do not want to have random dance parties and listen to records at 1am in your living room.
6. I don't really watch much TV, but I can very well spend a good 8 hours watching old episodes of The Office on Netflix's Instant Play. In my jammies. And "comfy socks." With pet hair all over me. Eating scandalous foods that I would probably regret later.
7. The idea of someone putting a plush leather couch or rattan furniture in my house is absolutely terrifying. I'm pretty sure the idea of having to make my home entirely unisex is the reason I have so much stuff in the first place-- it's like having a bottle of animal repellent so your cat doesn't pee on your ottoman.
8. I have to fix things on my car myself (unless it is major-- then I DO need help.) But it is kind of nice to be relatively self-sufficient.
9. I seem to get more work done home alone. If I ever met someone that was as self-sufficient as I was, he would probably be a bachelor (and if he isn't straining his pasta with an old gym sock, we might be in business.)
10. I can go out and look pretty, and no one ever has to know about my secret fears, weird habits, random thoughts that enter my head, or my complete recitation of "Bohemian Rhapsody (acted out via the Wayne's World method.)"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I survived 2010 (or, the great feat)

grrrlike a tiger print, 9 usd, from poppopportraits

woodburned spruce trivet, 10 usd, by nickoli

double autumn branch necklace, 26 usd, from mineralsandmetalwork

adorable cowgirl brooch, 15 usd, from yalipaz

PRETTIEST wreath from NHWoodscreations, 35 usd.

This is pretty much the most amazing thing I have seen in a while. 2011 Letterpress wall art foxes calendar, 25 usd, by sycamorestreetpress.

Okay, so I don't approve of pets wearing clothes (although mine have some utilitarian clothing for special purposes.....shut up) but this is pretty awesome. skipper pea coat, 70 usd, from RoverDog.

I've been slowly working my way through Jean-Luc Goddard's films and am now on Une Femme Mariee. I like Goddard's films because the dialogue is very similar to what goes through my mind on a daily basis. He took simple notions and made them dynamic, while intertwining them with philosophy and history. My favorite line from this film: "Women live for men but won't do anything for them." I think, if I could choose a different era to be my age now in, it is a tossup between 1920's New York and 1960's France. Goddard's France, of course. In black and white.

I survived 2010. I would say, in some respect, that 2010 was a year of exceptional emotional growth for me. When I look at how I reacted to things in 2009 versus 2010, it amazes me to be sure. I feel like 2011 will be a continuity of such growth, but probably with more emphasis on organization and finances. At least, that is how it is panning out thus far. Although I have been a complete grouch since Sunday for no reason-- I think I need a vacation!

It is a very snowy day in Tennessee. I really enjoy snow and after four years of living here I am finally seeing quite a bit of it! I have been exhausted all day long for no reason whatsoever. I am thinking of grabbing a soy chai latte (my second cup of tea today-- geez; so much for that new year's resolution...), pulling out my inspiration file (from my fashion school days-- I'm sure some of it is laughable to say the least), and working on the clothing line today. I found some really great fabric this weekend (and a plethora of other amazing vintage finds) and I am dying to get a few things made before I start back to classes on Wednesday. I will probably end up sitting at a coffeeshop somewhere because ever since winter hit, my wireless at home has completely sucked. I spent an hour last night just trying to update my flickr page and do some stuff for school and I finally just gave up and went to bed. Each night is kind of hit or miss with my wireless, so maybe I will get lucky and be able to curl up at home, listen to Benoit Pioulard's newest album, drink tea, and get my work done.

And now for something completely different.