Friday, August 6, 2010

10 mile stereo: Feel-good Friday

I think I officially have the travel bug again. Between going to Chicago and then a weekend camping trip in the mountains (and extensive reading on all sorts of towns and international destinations), I am officially burnt out on the home front for a bit. This time of year always gets me really antsy, especially with school (and a hectic work schedule) being just a week and a half away now. Other than a splitting headache, I have been feeling ridiculously positive the past few weeks. I have been getting my ducks in a row for the past few weeks, so the transfer into architecture school should be fairly seamless. I already have a million ideas to run past my professors when I get the adequate chance. It is going to be a tough road, I know, but I feel pretty confident that it is where I need to be and the more that time progresses, the more comfortable I feel with my decision. I still have a lot of growing up to do in other spheres of my life, but it feels like Book One is officially over and I am now reading the Introduction to Book Two: The Great Adventure.

Speaking of adventures, this weeks Covet list isn't about material things, but things that are more or less tangible. The world we live in is conceptually brilliant, and as summer wanes (Thank God!!), I want to focus on the last sparks of adventure that travel and mystery occassionally bring to the forefront of human consciousness.

M I X E D T A P E:

I have been currently listening to these amazing artists:

Beach House- Lovlier Girl
Benny Goodman- Stardust
Lou Reed- This Magic Moment
All Girl Summer Fun Band- Cutie Pie
Adam Green- Cigarette Burns Forever
Peter Wolf Crier- Crutch & Cane
Abner Jay- I'm a Hard Working Man
Yann Tiersen- Summer 78
Ana Tijoux- 1977
The T-Bones- No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)
The Decemberists- Red Right Ankle
Bright Eyes- When The Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass
Good Old War- World Watching
Califone- Alice Marble Gray


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