Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shucks You Left The Fire Burning

Ever the weary world traveler this year, I'm finally getting around to some long overdue updates. Sorry, folks! On the plus side, I have a TON of gratuitous photos to share this time around.

My peer review in front of my professors and local architects for Arch 171 is in THREE WEEKS and I have been up every night making design changes, supergluing, tearing things up, drafting, and trying to get a few minutes away to sip on a soy chai latte (or a dirty chai, if it's one of THOSE nights) and follow-up on a few (also overdue) e-mails. Whew!

Last weekend, I took a birthday trip for myself and headed to Asheville, NC for a few days of fun and good friends...and MUSIC. I checked into the fabulous Sweet Peas Hostel and wandered around the old haunts (Izzy's, Honeypot, Ragtime, Lexington Antiques, Vintage Moon, Malaprop's, to name a few) and found a few new ones. I attended Moogfest Friday and Saturday and met up with my friends Chris and Contessa (with his roomie in tow) and it was a lot of fun. Chris and I had a HUGE dinner went to see Devo but they unfortunately cancelled, so we ended up watching Big Boi, MGMT, and Dan Deacon and countless others and had a good time all the same. Saturday I went shopping (a mistake to try to buy cool vintage in smaller sizes on Halloween weekend, FYI), ate some a-m-a-z-i-n-g chocolate creme brulee at French Broad, did some building investigation, and then we got to see CARIBOU and JONSI all in one night. Those two alone were worth the price of admission. I found a few inexpensive retail spaces for rent and I am contemplating if we can swing a coffeeshop and cupcakery or vintage store there...or coolass crafterie. Hmm.....only two hours away, after all...

Sunday the drive back was beautiful, and, after picking up some tired kiddos, I spent the rest of the evening working on architecture and getting ready for the workweek before heading to the big Halloween shindig at The Pilot Light with the lovely Miss Mary and Miss Laramie. We had so much fun! I dressed up as Anna Karina from Une Femme Est Une Femme, but I guess I sort of looked like myself only with long hair and not very Karina-esque at all. :-)

(photo by miss jessica)

(laramie and jamie!)

This week has FLOWN by and now I have caught the Christmas bug. Every year I tell myself not to go overboard and I have a feeling I will anyway. I plan on crafting the whole month that I am out of classes for gifts and for Thunder Chief. I have been eyeing those gorgeous Joel Dewberry fabrics on etsy for quite some time now...I can't wait to make "woodgrain" toys for Sarah and Thom. Yay!

....and and and I am so excited because we FOUND A PRINTER FOR THE MAGAZINE!!! FINALLY, huh?

I'm THIS excited:

Tonight I get to have tea with my friend Natalie and am intent on spending the evening drinking tea, roasting marshmallows on the porch, having a dance party to old records, and ending with a late-night binge of Goddard films and knitting. It's a Girl's Night, so No Boys Allowed (tonight, anyway). Tomorrow I get to go buy plexi-glass and paint (for my Knoll/Saarinen chairs that really need to be powdercoated) at Lowe's, build another model, have a photo shoot, and draw elevations of my coastal retreat for class. What's sad is that I am excited about it. :) Welcome to the life of a workaholic.

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