Friday, December 11, 2009

cupcake crafterie


So I have been planning this little venture for quite some time and hope to start January 2010 if I can get enough folks to attend!

Cupcake Crafterie will be a monthly craft collective/class that meets at mi casa to- guess what?- eat cupcakes and make some cool stuff! It will be BYOS (Bring your own supplies) and BYOB (or BYOL) unless otherwise noted. We will meet, eat, and I (or other "craft professors", when applicable) will show you how to create some kickass stuff for your home or to wear! There will be a supply list for each course and the base fee for the first "semester (3 months)" will be $15 total to attend (this covers the cost of the extra supplies I will be providing for the upcycle classes, as well as the mini cupcakes and some beverages). Special classes (highlighted in green) are optional as they may have additional fees. Fees must be paid before the beginning of each semester and can be paid by check, Paypal, or in person. I will help you perfect your creative skills and give you additional reading material to help you retain the basics. At the end of the second semester, we will have our first show at a local Knoxville business, displaying your work for the masses (at which point you might even want to sell some wares!). Most classes should last between 2-3 hours at the most, depending on the difficulty of the subject matter. We will also have optional, more intensive courses or workshops that last longer (with an additional fee), highlighted in red. As always, if you have your own mechanical supplies (sewing machine, knitting needles, woodburner, etc), feel free to bring them along! Guys are welcome to attend also (we can do other projects for you, unless you LIKE making skirts). :)

Here is the course schedule for the first round, as follows:

15th, Friday, 7pm-9pm?: ART 101: Make a Velvet Art Painting
For the first project in this course, we are taking inspiration from the Velveteeria in Portland, OR. I was fortunate enough to see an exhibit at Powell's Books a few seasons ago that showcased some fantastic vintage and modern works. Velvet paintings will no longer be ONLY associated with portraits Elvis Presley! So let's get your craft on and create some masterpieces!
Supplies needed: An old wooden picture frame from a thrift store (or an old canvas that you can use the frame from), enough black velveteen to fit your frame (usually 1/4" yd to a 1/2" yd); Some inexpensive paintbrushes; and an idea of what you would like to paint. I will provide the acrylic paint, instruction, and any additional embellishments.

12th, Friday, 7pm-10pm?: KNIT 101: Knit a Scarf or Scarflette
Oooo! Baby, it's cold outside! Wouldn't it be nice to make something cozy for you (or your sweetie; after all the dreaded V-day is rapidly approaching)? This is a crash course in basic knitting and I will show you how to create a basic stitch and bind your work off when you are finished. We will them embellish your scarf/scarflette and create a one-of-a-kind fashion that you can wear!
Supplies needed: A skein or two of medium or large weight yarn (none of the frilly stuff, as it is hard to learn with!). You can usually find it at Joann's on sale and most generally run between $3-$5 a skein. For most of my scarflettes, I use a chunky yarn by Lion Brand as the project tends to go faster and the chunky knits are SOOO WARRRMMM!! I will supply knitting needles, scissors, and additional embellishments (buttons, appliques, lace, etc).

12th, Friday, 7pm-9pm: SEW 101: Mustachioed (or other appliqued) Coffee Cozies
Like most of us, you like your coffee HOT (unless it is the summer, in which case you might prefer your coffee iced). I started making felt coffee cozies about a year ago to combat some of the usage of paper coffee cozies (which don't always work that great anyway, honestly). In this class, you will learn how to cut a coffee cuff from a pattern, handstitch it together, and embellish it. I will also provide espresso or hot cocoa and paper cups, so you can try it out when you're finished making it!

Supplies Needed: All supplies, additional materials, and instruction will be provided to make (2) coffee cozies.

March 21, Saturday, 12AM-5PM: SEW 124: Cupcake Crafterie's Sewing Basics

I will be conducting a 5-hour sewing course (4 hours of sewing instruction with 1 hour lunch break at Veg-o-rama down the street). This class will teach you how to cut out a pattern, use a standard sewing machine, and produce a garment (either a simple skirt or blouse). I will also provide some additional tips and tricks. This class is a one-time deal and will be $45, which includes lunch at Veg-o-rama, all supplies, and instruction. If you already have a sewing machine, let me know in advance if you are bringing it, as all sewing machines are different.

If you would like to attend and live in the Knoxville area, please contact me at and I will add your name to the list of students. Payment for the first semester must be received by January 10th, 2010. These classes will probably start off rather small, but that will benefit students more as it will provide more one-on-one experience. Maximum total of classes will be limited to 10 people for the time being unless otherwise determined. In the event that a class is cancelled, students will be reimbursed for the particular class (usually $5 per class unless otherwise noted).

Upcycle Apparel (CFT 101), Create a Portrait with Woodburning (ART 102), Make a Set of Feather Earrings (CFT 102), Screenprinting Workshop(CFT 201), Owl Painting (OWL 101), Make a Notebook (CFT 103) (FREE CLASS!!), Make a Mini-Shrine or Diorama (CFT 120), Create a Simple Purse or IPOD Case (SEW 102), Christmas Wrapping/Tagging Workshop (CFT 121).

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