Wednesday, December 2, 2009

dark dark

It's been nearly 2 months since I last updated- shame shame shame on me!! I have a good excuse though-- mainly that I have been busy, busy with school, work, and etsy sales. I have almost sold 50 items on etsy, which is a small feat, admittedly, but I am still really happy about it. We are listing a couple hundred fabulous items in the next two months and I can't wait to share them with you! Some of them are from my personal collection, including 20's-40's pieces, and although I hate to part with them, I think they deserve to be worn!! Also, be prepared for lots of unique housewares and winter coats this month!

My boyfriend and I have been busy working on a new project, which I plan on sneak-peeking on here for you guys very soon. We are all sorts of excited about it. He is a freelance artist and we are combining forces to create some really neat pieces for your consideration. We have had an owl fetish as of late and spent last week thrifting and searching antique stores for the perfect mid-century owl. We found a gold one and upcycled it; it was a lot of fun painting owls with him, so look forward to seeing our collaborative efforts on here. I will also be doing a contest on here near the end of the month for one of our collaborative pieces, so keep checking back!

Speaking of the boy, his birthday is Thursday but because of finals and his work schedule we celebrated most of it this weekend. He isn't from the area so he had never been to the Tennessee Aquarium. We spent Sunday at the Tennessee Aquarium, drove up to Rock City for some coffee and a nice view, and then headed to Lupi's to visit with our friend Greg. We took hundreds of pictures, although we didn't get to go to the River section of the Aquarium (Next time! There WILL be otters!!):

I have been working on music again, thanks to GarageBand and finally figuring out how to play instruments. Stay tuned.

I finally reached the decision to sell my "Bella." She is a 2005 Limited Edition (Great Britain Edition) Mint Green Genuine Stella Scooter, which is basically a replica of a vintage Vespa. She has under 300 miles to her name, is manual, and features lots of nifty features and add-ons. She has a few scuffs and such but I think that adds to her scooterness. I am asking $2,950 USD (firm!) for her, which is pretty much a steal, but I only drove her 5-6 times this year and think she needs to be driven regularly. I think I will eventually get a scooter again, but for now I would rather her not be sitting in storage. :) If you're interested in adopting Bella, contact me on here or at

I will be posting a new covet list soon! The theme this month will be, of course, winter weather and holidays. We put up our aluminum Christmas tree the other day and decorating the house, complete with vintage mistletoe and ornaments. Although hectic, I have a feeling the holidays will be a nice break!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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  1. I love owls! Can't wait to see what you come up with.