Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

The week did not start out good on Sunday, despite having a pleasant Saturday night. I feel like I am fighting a lot of things lately: aboy, sleep, time contraints, etc. I spent most of the day yesterday in bed and am struggling to get everything caught up today, but I needed a brief distraction from the realities of being sad over an idiot boy and this is a good one.

Whenever my life seems overwhelming, I usually attempt to develop a life plan just to keep myself afloat. Sort of one of those things where you look at all you have to be thankful for and have to look forward to.

1. I have amazing parents, pets, and friends who love and respect me.
2. I have a really awesome magazine that, in Spring 2011, will be published!! And an amazing editor/creative director to boot!
3. I have been selling more on my etsy store and slowly paying my debts off to where I am almost debt-free (other than student loans).
4. I am IN ARCHITECTURE school. That in itself is something to be proud of, since I had to fight tooth and nail to get in there and it is very competitive.
5. I have a nice house, nice things, and always have food on the table.
6. I still have all my fingers and toes.
7. I have a great job, even if sometimes it isn't my dream job. But I have been there four years, despite the recession, and that is something to be very thankful for.
8. I have a music project that is slowly getting airplay, so it must be improving!
9. I can drink tea every morning and do not live in cardboard box (although sometimes I break out the sheets for a fort tent under the dining room table).
10. I am in the process of doing a clothing line for Thunder Chief. If you don't know what that is, you will. And soon.
11. I don't need some loser that lives over his mom's bakery shop to make me happy.
And, 12. I am probably going to France and Holland next year

Natural Romatic tunic, 70 USD, from minxshop

Lightning Heart and Scissors Bandana, 18 usd, from snoozerloser

1930's denim coloured dress with umbilical tape, 98 usd, from

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