Monday, December 27, 2010

art show recap + birthday

I finally got around to uploading some photos from my art show a couple weekends ago. It went really well! We had about 30-40 people show up for the initial display. Our work is still up for a few more weeks at Blackbird Coffeehouse. Special thanks to Zoe for setting up the art show! Illustrating Craigslist Missed Connections was a lot of fun, although in the future I will probably do smaller ones, since these were rather large and I think that might have detracted from the messages some. Over all, a great show and turnout.

And it is Sarah's birthday today! I went a little crazy, but she received oodles of treats, a stuffed bee that buzzes, and a cozy jacket (that she refuses to take off). We had a big party and now we are off to bed.


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