Monday, December 27, 2010

future primitive: a winter covet list

I SURVIVED the holiday season, although I have been pretty ill for about two months now. I have a bruised rib/lung and it has put me out of commission for a while (I slept through most of the weekend, honestly), but the holidays were good and it was great seeing family and catching up with everyone. My parents went WAY overboard this year and I am extremely grateful. I got to see my grandmother (I haven't seen her in several years) and had a great Christmas feast at my house. I get to see my sisters on New Year's and some of the rest of my family so I am really looking forward to the weekend.
I am really excited about a few things today. More notably, that IFC is doing a 6-part series called "Portlandia" that is airing on January 21st, written by and starring Carrie from Sleater-Kinney. I am hoping it isn't a let-down, but it sounds like it will be pretty fun. I have been working on a book for a while now called "Stumptown" with a similar premise, but it is less comedic and probably nowhere near as entertaining. Regardless, I just stumbled across the info on it today and am really excited about it. Part of me fears that it won't do justice to the quirkiness of Portland, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. It is supposed to have a BUNCH of local "celebrities" and musicians so it is probable that they will pull everything off well. If it goes well, maybe they will make it a continuous series-- that would be fab.


My friend Laramie and I are working on launching our new clothing and accessories line called f a w n in the Spring. We plan on selling handmade frocks, cloche hats, scarves, along with amazing vintage items we have found along the way.
With the submission deadline fast approaching, the staff of paper + wire and I are getting ready to compile everything together into the second issue. We have interviews galore, great tutorials, and lots of pretty pictures for your enjoyment. I will post some sneak peeks in January.

With New Year's around the corner, here is my winter covet list:

Although I'm not a huge fan of the 90's (as in, at all) this dress is adorable for the holidays. 45 usd from ontheprowl.

Winter makes me get into extreme NESTING mode with danish kitchenware. I absolutely ADORE these Gustavsberg Stig Lindberg Bersa Egg cups from handz shop, 45 usd

I've been really obsessed with aquamarine jewelry this season, such as
this lovely vintage Madonna pendant necklace from
Nonnie60's shop, 25 usd.

Golden 1970s Atomic DeWeese Design Star Burst Vintage Sundress , 260 usd, from zwzzy (I love everything in that shop! Geez)

Vixen wool hat, 100 usd, from TRAMPmillinery.

I reached a new level of dorkiness today for buying this amazing woodgrain cover for my MacBook Pro. Due to constant abuse from architecture school (and excessive travel this year), the poor baby had an abundance of battlescars in 2010. I found this great cover from brandbrand for 10 usd. Sold!

Speaking of dorkiness, it's my dog's birthday tomorrow and we are having a big party to celebrate. There will be pictures. And it will be awesome.

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