Thursday, May 19, 2011

wandering spirits + favorite things

I am trying to make a conscious effort to update this blog more. Today I have been listening to the newest Chad VanGaalen album, "Diaper Island" and so far I think it might be one of the best albums I have heard this year, next to my friends The Royal Bangs, Other Lives, and Beach Fossils. If you haven't given any of them a listen, you should do that ASAP. And get a nonfat chai latte with coconut added at Starbuck's. It is simply divine.

The mister and I have been busy growing and planting a variety of conifers in my yard. If you don't know this about me, you do now: I LOVE SPRUCE TREES. and fir trees. And cedar trees. and pine trees. And redwoods. and sequoias. and other trees that I can't pronounce their names but they have little cones. My Arizona cypress that I transplanted last year from my flower box is already taller than me! We are trying to figure out what to do as a privacy barrier on my patio. I am thinking of taking old salvaged wood and making a screen and he thinks bamboo would be better. Any suggestions? I am also thinking of building a makeshift greenhouse out of scrap wood and plastic for my cacti so they don't freeze like they did this past winter. Brandon's latest bout of awesomeness was to completely redo my herb garden on the side of my carport AND buy me a Norway spruce (my most favorite tree). He is indeed a man after my own heart. :) I am going over to his house soon to help him lay pine straw.

The magazine is on hiatus again because I am starting work on the CLOTHING LINE and lookbook. I am getting ready to write up an ad for models for f a w n, which is pretty exciting. My goal is to produce 10 dresses next week now that the designs are sorted out. It's going to be a tough haul with etsy and work going as well, but I have to utilize what time I have between now and when architecture school starts up again. The biggest setback has been that I have all sorts of awesome vintage fabrics but wanted to keep a certain color palette. It is challenging to create a coherent line when all you want to do is use crazy 1960's brocades! My latest challenge is finding awesome silk in the right colors at a decent price. Ugh! I wanted everything to be silk and polished cotton originally but that is easier said than done. Laramie and I are busy bees anyway but this will be an exciting project for us to undertake. She is trying to con me into taking ballet and bellydancing classes with her and thus far I have held out, but it is tempting and could happen in the near future...

Speaking of, I am getting ready to do custom couple woodburned portraits on etsy. I did some a few years back for some friends as gifts (as well as one for Unknown Hinson to give to him when we had our interview with him for p+w) and someone suggested that I give them a run on etsy. They're relatively easy to do and look pretty fabulous once they are finished. I think I am going to opt for danish or teak oil rather than polyurethane this time around, though. I used some of that for one of my architecture final projects and it turned out much better and had a more handmade feel to it. Stay tuned. :)


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