Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Panic/ No Heat

I am stuck at work today and it is crazy hot outside, but not as bad as it has been lately. It has been in the upper 90's for the past few weeks which is too hot for me, thanks. We have been busy bees this past week getting our garden and the house in order. Last night I had to run a baby bird to a rescue shelter because it had either fallen (or was pushed) out of the nest and needed some help. I had to do that with two baby sparrows a couple years ago. I just couldn't bear the thought of it dying! Speaking of dyeing, my hair is now red. As usual I am painfully behind on photos. so here is a recap of recent things.

I really need a haircut but I really haven't had time. I spent most of yesterday evening poring over manufacturers for wholesale habutai, batiste, and organdy. I should be drawing houses but, alas, duty calls...fawn is almost a reality. A little late but nonetheless worth it. Tomorrow is a photo shoot for the lookbook, weather permitting.

The mister brought me a tree! A norway spruce! My dream tree!

Watercolors from my my second-to-last final.

Cool botanical garden building.

Greenhouse at botanical garden.

The mister and I went to a cookout with some friends a few weeks ago.

New dress!


Scary slag at work.

We planted lots of herbs and such this season. I am now growing two types of lavender, rosemary, spicy globe basil, lemon basil, stevia, lemon balm, orange mint, spearmint, leeks, garlic, verbena, eucalyptus, a flowering maple, yarrow, mesclun salad, yellow cherry tomatoes, tomatillas, three types of watermelons, white pumpkins, and honeydew melons. Tree-wise I am growing a norway spruce, a dwarf japanese cedar, a dwarf alberta spruce, two colorado blue spruces, a leyland cypress, a yew that we bought at Middleton Place, an arizona blue cypress, a carolina hemlock, a maple, two white pines, two juniper trees, and some sweet bay magnolias. And then all the cacti that I desperately need to transplant into my sandbox tomorrow. So far everything is still alive, so that's good.

I have been fighting off some nasty stuff lately. I have been coughing for months and went to the doctor finally. He told me that my vocal chords were stripped so now I have to wait 6-8 weeks for them to heal before I can sing again. Then Brandon and I both had a stomach flu for a few days, and now poor Sarah needs to go to the vet on Tuesday because she has been having some issues. I really hope it isn't anything too serious.

Tonight I am planning on doing some laundry, picking up a few groceries, and working on my etsy. I am about to list a fabulous Suzy Perette dress from the 50's, as well as some amazing 60's-70's shifts and maxis and bathing suits. Also a giveaway will be planned on the blog next month so stay tuned! I have less than a month before school starts up again- ugh! Fortunately I am going to Charlotte soon so that will be a welcome diversion. Hope all is well. Ciao, darlings.

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