Friday, January 22, 2010

i spent my life creating an avalanche

I have nearly killed my hair but it is not quite fried, thankfully. After 9 bleachings and several bad experiments it is ash brown and quite brittle. The cold weather doesn't help, either, since it dries it out even more. Anyone know any good remedies to strengthen hair? I won't be coloring it again for several months so that may help also.

Sorry for not updating this much. I found out last week that I was OFFICIALLY ACCEPTED INTO ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL!!!!

My first few weeks back at school have been good, although overwhelming. All of my courses are book-based so there is quite a bit of territory to cover. The weather has been rainy the past few weeks, too, which while I adore rainy days they do little to help me combat general laziness. My biggest problem with school is that I forget to EAT between going to school and work so I guess the past 6 months is finally catching up with me. There is nothing like scarfing down an asiago bagel with salmon cream cheese, in your car, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon to let you know you're alive!

A dear friend and I went out to a late dinner yesterday evening and it was good to see him. Due to life situations we never get to see each other anymore much and that is unfortunate. Tonight the girls and I are going to see "Nine" at Downtown West and I am pretty excited about it. It will do me good to get some fresh air and air some grievances with my sisters. I think I will finally get to see my folks tomorrow-- I haven't seen them since school began! Sunday my friend Mary and I are doing a modeling photo shoot to promote her new store, so this weekend will be amazing if I get to feeling better! I have been in homebody mode for a few weeks. I truly need to take a weekend out of town and gain some new perspectives on things. In times like these I usually take on a huge project. I want to redesign an old building, or travel overseas, or get outside and be one with nature for a while. I like the feeling of falling in love with life. It suits me just fine. I just need more culture than I am getting now. Culture is what causes me to thrive the most. The daily dalliances of everyday existence tend to suck the life out of me if I am not too careful.

More updates and photos later. And a new covet list finally! GEEZ!!
I feel like I have spent most of my life creating an avalanche and now I am at a standstill.

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