Thursday, July 30, 2009

you are my voice; my microphone

Sorry for the brief delay in posting. I have been busy busy with work, etsy listings, yard sales, and making a detail model of a house to go in my portfolio. I went yesterday and bought balsa wood, pine, cardboard (for topographic purposes), an aluminum air vent (for a quonset piece), some flooring samples, and popsicle sticks to work on the model. I want to make trees, too, although I'm not sure what I will make them out of (my mom said crepe paper would be good. I thought of taking fabric and ruching it to create the scene, but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?)I am hoping to spend most of the day Sunday working on the framing and dimensions so that I can start getting things together for my portfolio. I still need to find a material to do the windows. I hate HATE hate cutting fiberglass so I am thinking transparency film or vinyl might convey the image just as well. I am going to work tonight on getting the technical drafts done.

I am pretty excited about this weekend. My parents have 5 dogs and are going out of town, so I am planning on dog-sitting this weekend and they said I could go to visit friends if I wanted while I am there. So, as far as I know, I get to see several folks that I have known for years and miss terribly and we are going to do a photo shoot at the old mill and maybe go out to dinner or something. I am craving the breadsticks at Gabriel's so maybe I will con them into going! Maybe...

I am still indecisive about my new computer. Mac or PC? Mac or PC? The age-old dilemma. It is so hard! I have been scanning the internet like crazy searching for factors that would make one a better choice than the other but it is very difficult.

I am so ready for Autumn. It has been raining the past few days so I have been drinking hot cocoa and patiently waiting for cooler weather and crisp breezes. Architecture week in Knoxville is the week of my birthday so I hope I can get free of work/school some to go to some of the lectures and presentations. I missed the AIA dinner last night (although even if I had known about it in time, it was a whopping $70 for non-members) so I hope I don't miss Architecture Week, too. I am really excited about everything in my life right now. It has been a hard month or two but it is starting to really pay off.

Speaking of Autumn, here are some things I am excited about for the cooler weather:
Like this fantastic circle wrap skirt by sohomode, $40 USD.
Or this gorgeous 1970's vintage chevron dress from elizabethwrenvintage. $44 USD.
I just adore this vintage squirrel brooch from beatricepuggles' shop. $6 USD.
I love this painting/print by hidenseek. It makes me so sad, though! She calls it "Little Lost Bear." $9 USD.

And my favorite again: Liza Rietz
No Fall wardrobe is complete without a cloche hat from her shop. And they're on sale, too! $36 USD.
Nor would Fall be complete without ruffles! Such as the ruffles on this amazing blouse! I love the designs of Portland-based LovetoLoveYou. $48 USD.
And I am so amazed by this folk motif skirt by iroshka, complete with vintage clasps! $115 USD.

This bubble beret by softspoken is wonderful and oh-so-affordable! I bought a black one just like it last year and love it. She also has an amazing flickr site! $18 USD.
I have a very weird fascination with pine trees. Pine needles, pine cones, pine bark, etc etc, so I am very close to buying these to make some earrings. They are fabulous and come from StudioSen. $4.20 USD.

And now it is raining again so I am going to get some work done and drink more cocoa. :)

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