Friday, July 24, 2009

hang your hat

I can never decide if I want my home to be midcentury modern style, 18th century Roccoco, or ancient Byzantium/Islam. Since it is difficult to combine all three, I guess I just have to choose one. But what is the fun in that, you may ask? I'll tell you- each style has amazing stuff! Like this chair, for example:

Antique French chair from LeShab, $395 USD.
I really love the wall pattern in Marie Antoinette's bedroom. Versailles is amazing!

I went to a lecture by D. Fairchild Ruggles on Islamic gardens and landscapes last year (more notably the Alhambra and Taj Mahal were featured) and absolutely fell in love with the architecture:

But this is more like the style I have now...

Mid-century is decidedly my favorite, although that considerably has to do with the fact that so much of my life I have been around vintage 50's-60's furniture or had a decided interest in it. This lamp from funkeyfinds is fantastic.

Sometime last year I fell in love with Pierre Koenig. He was an amazing designer and his case study houses are among my favorite houses ever. Although I love eichlers and rummers, Koenig's designs will always be prominent in my mind.

Today was amazingly hectic and continues to be although writing this blog was a nice break. After a night out with an old friend (and a new one), I woke up fairly early and got to doing much-needed laundry, going through kitchenwares, and cleaning out my fridge (finally). Then I found some really neat vintage pieces while thrifting, which I will post photos of soon. Then I dropped off some letters and the post office and realized that I forgot to put a stamp on one of them- oh no! So I get to call the post office Monday morning and HOPE they haven't thrown it away or something. I didn't finish all the items on the list for today, but I did grill lamb and eat cherries. I am now working on etsy before bed. G'nite, sports fans.

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