Thursday, July 23, 2009

take toll, take time

I have been a busy girl these past few weeks; preparing for school, trying to get my multitudes of business ideals and projects sorted out, and still trying to maintain a social life. I am finally getting to the point that I HAVE to work on the magazine, because I promised so many people we would have a second issue and now over a year has passed. I have yet to get more printed of the first issue so I am hoping to do that soon as well, at least to make available for the people who had their work featured. I feel really bad about letting it go to the wayside for so very long but since it is non-profit I guess most folks anticipated that it might fold anyway. Regardless, this weekend I hope to start and finish several projects that have fallen through the cracks.

I am so in love with this band right now:

My style inspiration this week is a cross between these two lovely ladies:

I have been making these lately for my section at Lox Salon in downtown Knoxville. I hope to have some finished by this weekend FINALLY. I only have one item left, which is good but I have been procrastinating like crazy!:

Tonight I decided to make my first actual No-Sew dress, which consisted of taking a piece of fabric and cutting armholes in it, putting on an underslip, and securing it with various brooches. It was a lot of fun and I got some pretty awesome/nasty dirty looks from folks my age, but I plan on reinforcing the dress this weekend with facings, seams, etc. I had a blast downtown at La Costa although I feared obvious wardrobe malfunctions:

P.S.: Listen to slaraffenland's "watch out" and "socio" by generifus. Amazing. :)