Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am craving Finder. If you don't know about Finder, it is a neat little magazine/booklet that WW put out (or still puts out, I think) to showcase some of the hidden gems (and usual touristy attractions) in Stumptown. Even though I know a ridiculous amount about the city, I really like getting one of those every year, simply for the eye candy. And the wonderful new printed book ink smell. Uhm...Thanks- Yes, I am a dork. Totally. You read my mind. Anyway, if I remember correctly, you can write the editor and send them $10 to get them to ship a copy to you. Around town they were free, but, if course, if you are like me and don't live there you have to make do with what yo' mama gave ya (i.e. money-handling skills and skillets).

In celebration of Finder, I have "found" a few things lately from a variety of sources.

Gunne Sax Dress with tags! :) I got this purdy little dress for TWENTY DOLLARS at Nostalgia. Big sale. Oh my is amazing. I mean, any deadstock is amazing but the details of this make me swoon!

*New* upcycled dress for the etsy store next month. I have been trying to get more stuff in the shop but I have been selling like mad lately so I haven't had time to play catch-up. Not complaining- just saying it is a surprise.

My Thom.

My Sarah.

New on my etsy this month. Don't ya just love these shoes?

New on my etsy this month. These are my favorite purses- too bad I can't fit my Macbook, schoolbooks, and wallet in it. :(

New on my etsy this month. Okay, so maybe THESE are my favorite. I have a weird obsession with wooden box purses.

New on my etsy this month. I love this frame- the photo came with it but I think it would be cool to make a mini-shrine out of it or maybe "go baroque" with a fabulous portrait of a Countessa (or a photo of yourself and a boyfriend in Roccoco finery...Hmm...)

This is such an awesome folk clock. I am tempted to keep it but it may very well be on my etsy soon.

OWL CUPS!! How cool is that?

We have been so busy lately but I am itching to get stuff listed. I am working on my portfolio this month for school and DUN-DUN-DUN...almost magazine time again. I think the busier I get, the more I am accomplishing so that is good. Hope you all are having a fantastic week, whoever and wherever you are...

P.S.: What color should I paint this awesome table? I am thinking dark brown with sienna marks (to make it look like woodgrain).

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